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We, Psychologist, Life coach Psycho-Energy Therapist Romina Gasımzade,  and Psycho- Energy Therapist, diet expert  and internist Dr. Samira Gasımlı provide physical and mental relaxation to the people who consulted for their mental, physical and phychological problems. With Bio energy we help people with their problems such as sleep disorders, panic- attack, forgetfulness caused by chronic tiredness and also communication problems. 
Negative energy weakens immune system and thus  subconscious needs to be cleaned, our consultants help people to become healthy individuals purified from negative energies.
We can explain the uses and importance of pyschological support and energy application:
• Therapist Romina Gasımzade:
Romina Gasımzade, was born in a doctor family in Azerbaijan. After finishing secondary school, she attended exams of ‘ Medicine College of Talents of the Future’ she succeeded and started education in medicine school. After completing education at school, she started education at ‘ Bioenergy and Stress Control, Personal Improvement University’ opened in Moskow, passing ‘ Special Talents Exam’ and getting a high point.

After education finished, she applied Bio energy and Mental Hypnosis in the clinic for a few years. She returned to Baku again and started psychology education at Psychology Faculty. After finishing her education, she became successful at many of her treatments on Complimentary Medicine, Psycho-Therapy and Bioenergy in a clinic in Palm Beach, Florida, the U.S.A. She called the treatment method she applies as ‘ PSYCHO- ENERGY ’ science.

With this new method she proved that illness which starts in energy body heal fast with her Works. As she likes Turkey she prefers living there and moved to Istanbul. As soon as she arrived there, she applied Seminars of Pozitive Energy, Personal Motivation and Improvement for Galatasaray girls volleyball team and many companies.

She loves art, this love started at very early ages. She got 7 years of piano and singing education as a hobby. As she regards music as food for soul, she never left music in her Works. She thinks her secret of success at work rely on art and music. When she plays the piano or sings a song even at her most tired moment, she says that her energy rises and she feels relaxed. She knows Turkish, Azerian, Russian, English, Italian and German.
• Dr.Samira, Semira Gasımlı :
Dr.Samira, Semira Gasımlı  born in Azerbaijan. Grown in a doctor family, started primary school at the age of 6, at the age of 13 taken to the private medicine college for she was the first at school and continued the education there. During school she got certificates in the fields of maths, biology, physics both within the country and outside the country as well. As her biggest dream was to become a doctor, she got her education on this direction.

She went to music school along with school since she was seven, she got piano education for 7 years, never forgot sports, telling that it is a part of her life. She attended Azerbaijan Medicine Faculty with a high degree at the age of 16 and started doctoring adventure. Finishing the university with a success, she got the title of protective doctor and internal diseases expert and started applying new treatments, reading and working by believing that she could find .

As soon as she finished university, she with her family moved to Turkey in order to improve herself more and continued on her doctoring life. Despite her working intensively she was not content with herself and went to Germany to study again and got the expertness as a sub-branch of internal diseases on the subject of HERBAL TREATMENT, DETOX AND IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITION, TREATMENT OF MANY ILLNESSES WITH ACCURATE DIET. After 3 years of this education, returning to Turkey,  she continued working intensively at the Emergency Service of a state hospital.
Later thinking that she is less efficient at state hospital and can not apply her knowledge of alternative medicine and seeing that it is lacking in medicine opened her own clinic and leaving state hospital. 

Along with her education and 11 years of intensive working life, she produced her own treatment method, TREATMENT OF HEREDITARY ILLNESSES ( high tension, diabetes, liver fattening)  with ways of herbs and natural samples as she has dreamed
She sees the treatments that she made in Turkey as first. 

Her favorite subject is on Obesity. Her biggest passion is to teach secrets of healthy life, change habits, SECRETS OF FOOD, diet program special for each person, , natural treatment of  resistant weight.
As she says, SHE LOVES TREATING THE ILLNESSES which others can not. ☺ She has also said that she is more successful on patients who have resistant weight. Dr. Samira, Semira Gasımlı has a motto:  SHOW EFFORT NOT TO GET ILL, OUR BODY GIVES SIGNALS WHEN THERE IS A PROBLEM, ASK FOR AN EXPERT BY FOLLOWING THEM, TREATMENT IS VERY HARD AFTER GETTING ILL.
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