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Psychologist Romina Gasımzade: Body is a triangle of physical body, mental body and spiritual body. When a corner of triangle is disturbed, it also disturbs the other corner.
And illnesses start first at the energy body. If our minds and subconscious is full of negative thoughts it is impossible for us to be happy and healthy. Because negative thoughts and fears make barriers with time forming a set in front of the coming energy. As energy is down at our mental and energy body, physical illnesses ocur. So, when we worked alone we could not get the complete results we wanted. We decided to work together and we belive that it is very useful.
Alternative Medicine should take a place near medicine as a complement. We should not forget that classical medicine is based on illnesses and complimentary medicine is based on health. We know that protecting health is easier than treating illness. If you do not feel yourself well and you have physical illnesses, you can change your life quality with physical treatment and right dieting with physico- Energy.
Dr. Samira Gasımlı: I worked as an internel diseases expert and nutrition expert for long years. As a doctor, I was healing illnesses in physical body but i always thought that illness belongs to mental and psychology. We, doctors, no matter how successfully we treat physical treatment, as longs as patient is not purified from the thoughts and emotions causing illness we know that it is a short term treatment. Because illness is formed in thought and energy body. The more negative we are, the more we impair healed parts all over again. We believe that our co-operation is a whole and it will be helpful for everyone.
Do people usually come to us for losing weight?

Dr. Samira Gasımlı: There are ones who come for losing weight, of course. But everyone should know that one should not stay hungry in order to lose weight. If we are over weight there is a reason, depending on both psychological and physical ilness. First, I find illnesses of people who come to me and check the food that has been eaten weekly. If you gain weight depending on an illness ( for example hormonal impairment) no matter how hungry you are it is impossible to lose weight. After finding your illness and recovering it, you will be amazed at that you can lose weight without being hugry, by eating and applying the diet accurately. I help you to have the same weight and have the habit of eating well. My working style is to make you healthy and lose weight by eating everything.
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