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What is diabetes?
Diabetes is the disorder of blood glucose, which is in control of insüline hormone placed behind stomach, we call it pancreatic gland. There are two types: 1 and 2
The one with type 1 is the patient dependant on insüline. Their pancreatic gland does not produce insuline and we need to get it from outside. 
The one with type 2 there is sufficient insüline but tissues which detect sugar does not detect insüline. There is a resistance to insüline, it occurs accordingly.
What is resistance of insüline? Tissues become hungry and they send signals to brain for it to constantly send glucose to it. As response to it, brain suggests signal of it is hungry to stomach and we become hungry. We eat and glucose in brain enhances and our insüline hormone tries to help glucose reach tissue, but as there is damage to circulation disorder in tissue, it shows resistance to insüline and it can not get glucuse and it is always hungry.  Insuline produces fat tissue from rising glucose in blood as a response to it thus we gain weight and we get obese. At the same time we feel hungry and the more fat tissues we have the less resisstant we get to hunger.

You can get healed with a special herbal menü through natural ways by Dr.Samira Gasımlı. Without having resistance away from you, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT, EVEN IF YOU ARE HUNGRY…

Resistance to insüline means that you are a candidate of type 2 diabetes. One of the biggest reasons of resistant kilos in women is the insuline resistance depending on policistic over syndrome. 
These people feel bad when they are hungry and can no lose weight. Without their being solved, IT IS HARD FOR YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT. Diabetes is an important disease. As glucose is a lot in blood, it leads to thickened blood and this prevents blood from flowing into veins. It leads to very bad illnesses depending on circulation disorders. Most important of all these, heart, eye and kidney disease and obesity. We can find a solution to it with correct dieting and herbal treatment in alternative medicine. 
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