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Fatty belly is a signal of our sickness. Liver is one of the most important organs in our bodies. I regard liver as cleansing system of the body. Our blood brings the last digested substances first tol iver and after filtered there it reaches to heart and scatters into all the organs. Liver maintains the important functions of the medicine, metabolism of fats, glucose stock which is for us to gain and lose weight. 
We get very tired through eating incorrectly, using more medicine, being stressed, drinking alcohol an deven at early ages it ca not work well. But as our body is a perfect machine, even if it is broken it tolerates until the last moment. It does not show that it is broken and tries to correct itself. After it is exhausted and when it sees that there is no support from us it gives up and there are problems in blood as analysis shows and it leads us to have allergy, acnes on the face, pain, tiredness, early aging, sleeping disorders.

Then why should liver be cleaned?

As i told above, we make liver tired with our incorrect dieting and bad habits, tiredness occurs in bladder and liver and accumulations of non-used substances. Later they become bladder Stones. The first sign of blocked liver is allergy… The only reason of allergy is accumulated poison in our body, depending on eating much and incorrectly.  Just like wash basin is blocked and does not work, liver and bladder and guts also need cleaning.

Liver detox is a treatment based on plants, vegetables and fruits. In detox treatment, things like meat, dairy products, bread, rice, potato are not used. Everything must be natural and fresh. Normal individuals should do this process once a year. People cleaning bladder and liver, have stronger immune system, there is no chronic tiredness they rarely become ill, metabolism is faster, allergy is treated and brain works well as circulation is faster, they do not get depressed easily, do not gain weight easily, get rid of the swollen belly problem.  Shortly,  just as our car needs care, our body constantly wants it as well. It is one of the most important treatments of fattening liver. It can be done only by doctors educated on it.
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