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What is obesity? Is this an illness? Or is it just a weight problem? It is an illness, hard to be treated. One of the most important reasons is hormonal impairment and the second is stress. It is not possible for obese people to lose weight on their own. Treatment should be together with both psychologist and doctor. The problem is not only limited to weight problems  at the same time there are : circulation problems, diabetes, fat-metabolism disorders, fatty liver ( by the way liver is an important organ for fat metabolism) 
High tension and diabetes are one of them.  We Dr. Samira Gasımlı and Romina Gasımzade treat patients together and we reach 100 % success. When obese people decide to lose weight on their own, they get more damage and it causes them to get worse. Obese patient can reach healthy life style without having any problem.

 Special nutrition program and for stress, hypnosis treatment  is being applied on these people. And of course there should be treatment of organic illnesses along with nutrition. Start the treatment before the illness goes worse or your organs get damage.
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