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Who can not have detox for 7 days?
  • Those who have any kinds of illness
  • Gastroenteritis, 
  • Any kinds of cancer,
  • Dependant on Diabetes insuline,
  • Renal insufficiency and inflamation,
  • Liver cirrhosis,
  • Those who have any kinds of infections including fluenza or fever
  • Those who have inflamation in any organs
  • Those who are under 18
Who can not have detox for 3 days?
  • Those who have,
  • Any kinds of illnesses and having tratments icluding influenza
  • Diabetes
  • enterogastritis
  • Those who have an acure illness
  • Those who are under 18
Why shall we do detox on whom and when?
We need to clean our bodies every 6 months or a year, it is as our water pipes get clogged after working some time, body can also be the same due to working a lot and in the end can lead to gall bladder stone, kidney stone or terrible asthma crisis.
Immune system of people who do this cleaning is always strong and they rarely get ill. People having detox have no cellulites and wrinkles on the skin appear in very old ages.  
So detox has also an anti-aging effect. Substances accumulated in our bodies return to us as a poison and it is one of the reasons of cancer. As it slows our immune system and make us tired, we have a weak quality life style. Reason of complaints liken asal congestion,  allergy, itchy eyes, coughing, itchy throat, sneeezing is accumulated poison depending on wrong eating habits. Only treatment is detox. Also deep detox, cleaning of liver, gall bladder and guts,  was done by Dr. Samira Gasımlı first time in Turkey.

As liver and guts are important organs which do cleaning in our bodies, they are the first ones which get clogged first and poisoned. When we do detox, we help them work well and clean these organs. The more poison there are, the deeper allergy symptoms we have.

Who should have detox: 
  • Those who wake up tired
  • Those who have sleeping disorders
  • Those who have black circles under their eyes 
  • Those who always wake up with feeling swollen 
  • Those who have constipation and diarrhea
  • Those who have allergy
  • Those who have nose stuffiness and sneeze
  • Those who have common oedema,
  • Those who has a feeling of swollen belly after meals
  • Those who have acne problems,
  • Those who have very sensetive and dry skin,
  • Those who have dry hair and hair loss 
  • Those who use alcohol
  • Those who consume a lot of proteins
  • Those who eat irregularly and who eat a lot of convenience food
  • Those who have a problem of obesity and weight
  • Those who have subcutaneous emphysema  circulation disorder ( not infection)
  • Those who get flue very often
  • Those whose immune system works very slowly
  • Those who has a feeling of unrest
  • Those who has sexual reluctance
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