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Meditation is the philosophy of life in order to have a more qualifed life. It is also a tecnique of focusing  consciously in order to reach self existence, inner peace and calm consciousness which enables individual to think deeply which is on rise recently.
Dr. Semira Gasımlı, by taking human health to a better ranks the pysical changes during meditation  degree as below:
  • Those who do meditation, their heartbeat decreases by  3 minutes on average.
  • Oxygen consumption in the body can decrease by 20 %.
  • Lactic acid in the blood drops and this avoids nerve crisis.
  • Tension protects its normal level.
Dr.Samira Gasımlı, has shown that high tension gets low with meditation. There are a lot of benefits of regular meditation. One of the most important benefits is that it prepares a base for thinking positively. Because human is calm and peaceful during meditation. It is open for natural energy of universe. Apart from this, meditating person;
Endurance against stress, tension and mental problems increase.
Concentration skill increases.
Complexity in the brain, emotion and thought become regular.
Confidence, work and creative strength develop.
Positive thinking is strengthened.
Energy increases.
Soul- body and mind are an inseperable group which do not work independently. All the positive ideas in the mind are reflected on the soul and the ones in the soul are reflected on the body. It will not be wrong to say that meditation is supportive for preventing illnesses.

If you want to have the control of your soul and body and have a peaceful soul, you can try meditation and breathing techniques with Romina Gasımzade. Our mind is responsible for thinking. We can not make it silent we can only eneable postive thinking with techniques.

Pacifying mind, linking to universal source is one of the reasons of meditation. We need to increase things to make our soul happy. We should never forget that we have a child in us. Love it, buy some nice gifts and take it to nice places. When you do not do so, it feels sad and does no listen to you. If your body is smushed under  diseases can luxurious cars, big mansions and a lot of money be useful for you???
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