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Depression is the most common problem of our era. They are subconscious traumas and spiritual damages caused by varios reasons.

  • Bad childhood ( children who are exposed to family violence)
  • Lovelessness
  • Children whose hearts always sink by their parents
  • Stressful work
  • Subjects upsetting us which we do not care in Daily life.
  • Painful events
  • Losing our loved ones
  • Being left
These traumas occured in our subconscious cause anorexia ( losing weight and not gaining weight, loss of appetite) sleeping disorder, unrest, communication disorder, oversleeping, sleeping but waking up tired, confidence problem, obsessions, family problems, uncontrolled outrage and fears, according to Dr. Samira Gasımlı .

Subconscious ic cleaned through regular psychogo- therapies and mental hypnosis and life goes on with a qualift and healthy soul. Depression is not an illness it is a response of our mind and subconsious to negative events. If you want to change all these and make your life easy, get support from Psychology Consultant Romina Gasımzade
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