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What is herbal treatment?
Are herbs very innocent or do they really require expert to be used? During medicine history our medicine has become herbs as technology was  not so developed, there was not  factory to produce various  chemical drugs and doctors like, Ibni Sina, father of medicine treated people with herbal mixtures that they made. With technological development, as more attention was taken to acute illnesses, alternative medicine treatment methods were forgotten in some countries.
How should herbs be used? Dose and mixture are really important. Herbs used in men and women are divided into 2. Some mixtures and high doses may cause blindness or liver cirrhosis but herbal treatment leads to the finding of sharp solution. It is a long lasting treatment, it should be used patiently and should be ended. 

If you are treated one day, you certainly need to get help from an expert doctor. No medicine should be used without doctor. Neither chemical nor herbal.. Treatment is not just taking the pain or fever, but also is ending the illness without damaging any organs. This can be done only by doctors who has long years of experience. Herbal medicine is not innocent, using them without doctor means suicide.
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