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Spiritual hypnosis is soul’s getting free with bio energy work. We should not forget that our bodies compose a triangle; physical, mental and spiritual bodies. As our minds has written ideas on subconscious since our childhood , mental and physical illnesses occur. First illness occurs in the body and affects physical body.
The reason of all kinds of illnesses depend on depression, unhappiness, communication problems and negative energy, negative energy in our bodies turn into positive through bio- energy  and spiritual hypnosis. Traumas damaging our subconsious are cleaned, our energy rises, immune system gets strong. Blood circulation gets fast, our aura widens, our bodies start producing serotonin happiness hormones. After applied such an energy work on our bodies, we feel more relaxed, healthier and stronger.
We shoul not forget negative energy impairs the immunity system. Having problems in our lives and being treated rudely by others are directly dependant on accumulated negative energy. You have your health with spiritual hypnosis and  enable the light in you to be reflected outside and have your positive enery around you.

As thought is an energy, we get what we think into our lives. We should keep our minds and subconsious  clean, rise our energy and get easily what we want. We all deserve a qualified life!
Bio energy is natural energy passed to us from universe and staying in our bodies. Not everyone can use this energy. If you have a low energy you can not learn or apply it. Bio energy experts are the people who have had education on it with their innate power of positive energy. It can not be learnt later.

Bio energy is regarded as complimentary medicine in many coutries. Physical damages in our bodies are healed with doctor’s advice. Circulation system gets better. Metabolism gets stronger and illness station in our body turns into healthy station. Our protection gets strong. Negative energy turns into positive one. Pains pass. Our soul gets calm. We start feeling ourselves as more peaceful and healthy. Bio energy is a different healing method and everyone needs such healing method. 
Bio energy is not applied only applied before getting ill. Before we get ill it should be applied to raise our energy and to feel peaceful and healthy once or twice a week. It is better to get support for a real and professional help from Bio energy expert Romina Gasımzade.

Group Therapies
You can get all the therapies as group therapy at the same time. It can be minimum 7 persons, maximum 15 persons.
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