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Little damages which we form in our subconscious since our childhood, turn into phobias as we get older. Phobias are the fears which occur as a result of an event we experience unexpectedly coming out of accumulation of negative happenings.
  • Phobia of death
  • Phobia of dependancy 
  • Phobia of losing
  • Phobia of failure
  • Phobia of not controlling 
  • Phobia of earthquake
  • Phobia of relationship
  •  Phobia of life
  • Phobia of responsibility
  • Phobia of closed areas
  • Phobia of animals
  • Phobia of insects
  • Phobia of spiders
  • Phobia of Getting old
  • Phobia of making a wrong decision
  • Phobia of making mistake
And these all can grow into panic attack when we do not deal with them. When we get panic attack, we feel very bad. Respiratory disorder, heart throb, sweating especially of hands and feet, phobia of death, pain on the chest, inertia on the arms and feet are all panic attack. ( the same syptoms can appear in serious illnesses as well.) Panic attack is not a thing to be afraid of. Healing is possible with regular therapies.
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