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Social and work conditions causes our movement systems. Back and waist pains are on the top of these. Reasons are: gaining weight, not moving, unnecessary fats accumulated on waist and belly. This naturally causes you to have pressure on your nerves on waist part. As a result, pain starts on lower part of back.
In fact, there are many reasons for back pain like injury, torn muscle or tendons, disc, arthritis. There are some importants tips: Which of the Daily activities are harmful for waist? How can these activities be used without giving damages? The important thing is that; as we can do these Daily activities most suitably and without giving damage, you should ignore simple and natural exercises which can negatively affect your spine health all your life long.
Waist and back pain are caused due to many reasons stemming from various structures of our waist anatomy. Secret of back pain is due to its not being easy to detect. Back pain and knuckle pain can be caused by waist muscles and sutral ligament, inflamation of articular surface and having problems with intervertebral discs and herniation can be the reason of back pain. Tightening of spinal canal occur usually in elders as a result of detrition of discs, articular surface and sutral ligaments.
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